Transfers.ap.gov.in AP Online Employees Transfer System Online Application

AP Online Employees Transfer System Online Application and AP Employees Transfer OETS Online Application Apply at www.transfers.ap.gov.in website....
Our AP State Government launched a new official website to facilitate transfer requests by AP Employees online. The AP Employees Transfer Online Application are available at transfers.ap.gov.in website. AP Online Employees Transfer System has been introduced with a G.O MS No 105 issued on 15th June. Correct your AP Ration Card Details

How to Apply for AP Employees Transfer Online Applicatio

A user can find different types of logins like Employee, DDO and competent authority. Choose the respective option and proceed for the registration.

For Employees
Actually AP OETS has mainly launching for AP Employees only. In the transfers.ap.gov.in web portal if you can selected your option as employee you will be asked to enter the employee code, mobile number and date of birth as per records.

AP Online Employees Transfer System Online Application
Next you have to click on get verification code button and then you will get a verification code, which should be entered again in the respective field to get verified and to login.

A DDO gets all the details of employees who have logged in under the competent authority. Which can be recognized by software based on employee code. Actual in my blog we will give the complete details on DDO Request for Prepare AP Employee Salary Bills

The DDO has to fill the details of the employee based on information available with him.

The DDO has also to enter the information of all employees who are eligible for transfer even if the concerned employee has not himself/herself entered data in the software.

For competent authority
Competent authority gets all the details of the employee as entered by the employee as well as by the DDO. He/she has to complete performance appraisal of employee and has to give his decision. Then all the transfer orders will be generated automatically by the software.

If any queries on AP Online Employees Transfer System Online Application Please Visit transfers.ap.gov.in/defaultpage.aspx or otherwise leave a comment below.

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